Meet Greg

Many leaders need to be introduced to… themselves.

Certified Executive Coach • Proven Sales Leader
Strategist & Tactician • Talent Whisperer

You at the center

I have been told that my coaching superpower is a combination of strategic sales leadership and a strong empathy for the individual. What this means for you is that you are the primary focus in our coaching program.

I believe first and foremost in people over process. I believe that human transformation is the primary objective on any great leader’s path to success.

If we can get to the core of who you are, what you believe about yourself, and the abilities still lay dormant in you, therein lies your power to make high impact change in your life and career.

In my coaching practice I observe these core principles:

  • People are at the core of the process
  • A correct belief in yourself becomes your source of confidence and forward movement
  • Vision is more important than leadership itself

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My journey

My first lesson in leadership was playing college football at the University of Colorado Boulder. Under the leadership of Coach Bill McCartney, I developed a strong appreciation for teamwork and collaboration and eventually recognized my role as a leader.

Coach McCartney’s leadership style personified the people over process principle that lies at the heart of my coaching philosophy.

My experience in football launched me into a journey of self-development that eventually helped me understand how to help others unlock their natural talents.

After completion of a masters degree in business administration, I graduated to the ‘adulting’ phase of my journey.

I started my career as a door-to-door salesman. Having the door slammed in my face, being escorted off premises by security, and many other humiliating experiences were part of my rite of passage into corporate sales.

I steadily rose through the corporate ranks at different companies. At each new opportunity I learned more about the written and unwritten rules of corporate culture, and how to successfully navigate within that realm.

From leader to coach

Some have described me as a “coaches’ coach”.  Wherever I worked some of my peers looked to me as a trusted consultant, seeking my advice on challenges they faced in maneuvering their way around the corporate environment.

Over the years co-workers, friends and family urged me to pursue certification as an executive coach. I finally answered the call and earned my certification through the esteemed Berkeley Executive Coaching Certificate Program.

Work with me

Anyone who strives to succeed needs a skilled guide. Over the years I have invested heavily in my own personal development. As a result, I have been able to excel, grow and earn the respect of people I’ve worked with.