Let’s get you past those barriers, and on to the career success you want.

Where are you going?

To the outside observer you show all the markers of success…but you still want more.  And you know you need to be more to get there.  Sometimes being more can seem elusive, especially since next-level success demands a stretch beyond your current capacity.

If you’re like most leaders, you know you need new information, fresh insight and enhanced skills to move forward.  But, you may underestimate how important it is to be fully aware of your innate leadership abilities. And you may not realize of how internal beliefs have governed the way you lead.

To become a better leader it will be critical to…

  • fully identify and hone your natural leadership profile
  • learn how to skillfully navigate barriers within your corporate culture
  • build a tactical roadmap to guide you to the next plateau.

You can accomplish more, faster with the help of a skilled coach who’s been where you are, and who can help you be more.

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Let’s crack the code together

I’m Greg Thomas. In my 20+ years in corporate sales I faced formidable obstacles, and I also celebrated numerous successes. After years of trial and error, I managed to decode corporate culture while going big on investing in my own personal development. As a result, I consistently led top-performing sales teams at various companies.

Along the way I was able to help many of my direct reports and peers navigate complex personal growth and corporate culture barriers.

As a certified executive coach I’m here to help you, whether you need…

  • performance management strategies
  • assistance in revealing your own untapped abilities and uncovering limiting beliefs
  • help bolstering your credibility within your organization
  • guidance on handling interpersonal issues you’re experiencing at work
  • insight on how to overcome barriers to advancement within your organization
  • ways to strike a healthy balance between your personal life and your career

You need the help of a coach who has proven first-hand, high performance management experience. You also need the empathetic ear of a coach that you can trust (see my peer reviews below) to identify your unique leadership attributes and strengthen your performance capacity.

Allow me to assist. Let’s create a success playbook to get you where you want to go. 


Leadership consists of 80% belief and 20% skill




What to Expect 



When you sign on to one of our coaching programs, we’ll take a look your strengths, opportunities for improvement and the unique leadership challenges you currently face in your career.


After the assessment is complete and we have a good handle on what you need to move forward, we will put together your success playbook. You will have a written strategic plan that you can refer to in your journey.



When it’s time to execute your new plan, I will be there to provide you support and accountability. We’ll schedule weekly sessions to touch base and evaluate your progress.